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Pelvic Floor Muscle Relaxation Audio Download


Download Pelvic Muscle Relaxation Audio, for women or men, for $22.00 (incl GST) through the Pelvic Pain Foundation website here.


Painful pelvic muscles can cause pain with intercourse, or pain on one side. Specialist pelvic physiotherapists, Dr Patricia Neumann and Ms Sonia Sharfbillig have prepared a muscle relaxation CD that you can use each day at home.

These guided exercises may help men and women of any age with pelvic pain including pain with sexual intercourse, due to pelvic floor muscle tightness. There are three tracks for different stages of practice on each product.

These exercises are most effective when used with professional guidance from a pelvic floor physiotherapist and as part of a comprehensive pain management program.

The download must be made to a computer first, then transferred to other devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Olive and Bee Intimate Cream (lubricant)

More information can be found through the Pelvic Pain Foundation website here