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Please note that our practice on the Parade has closed down.


Remember that this website or the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia at may already have the information you are looking for, including:

– where to find pelvic pain care in other states

– low cost options for pelvic pain management


If you have pelvic pain, we request that you read the free pelvic pain booklet available on this website before your visit. Women with pelvic pain often have several different problems and reading the booklet first allows us more time to spend on the problems that concern you most.

Pelvic Pain Booklet 2017

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If you are unable to cover the cost of individual care, there are several free or low cost resources available for you. Many of these are described on our page ‘Free or Low Cost Options for Pelvic Pain’



If at any time you have any comments regarding your care (whether positive or negative), we encourage you to do so. We appreciate feedback and continually work on providing the best care we can for all our patients.