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Health care can be expensive, especially where building a health team requires appointments with a range of health professionals are required. However, there are ways of reducing the costs.

Learning more about your pain before you see a professional, means you have more time during the appointment to get to the important stuff. You’ll also have an idea before you go about what treatment options they might offer.

Finding the right health professionals early on, means saving money on those that aren’t able to help you. It saves time too. Pelvic pain is complicated, so you may need a few different professionals to build the full team you need.

This page describes options available for girls and women with pain that are either free or of low cost. They also prepare you better for your encounters with the health care system.

The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia website

The Pelvic Pain Foundation is a not-for-profit charity that provides a wide range of information on pelvic pain for girls, women and men. Information includes:

– video presentations

– articles to help you and guide your health professional

– exercise, diet and lifestyle advice

– a list of professionals around Australia with a particular interest in the management of pelvic pain

– an online shop which sells products to inform or help you.

The online shop is particularly useful for people who live in regional or remote areas. All sales from the shop support pelvic pain education and research programs in Australia.

Download the free pelvic pain booklet

Booklet 2017 cover

This book includes an introduction to a wide range of pelvic pains. You can download the book by clicking on the following link:

Pelvic Pain Booklet 2017

Requires Adobe Reader




Borrow a copy of our full size book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ from your library

The latest version has a purple cover with white writing. If your library only has the pink cover version, don’t worry. It still has most of the things that you, as a girl or woman with pain need.

If your library doesn’t have a copy, then you can purchase the new version from the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia Online Shop – $22 for the Ebook version and $27.50 plus postage for the paperback copy. It’s the cheapest expert opinion you’ll every buy.

front Cover 113 KB endo-epub-cover

Chapter 4 has a section on each of the common types of pain in girls and women with endo – so you can work out what your pain means, and how to treat it.



For girls, women or men with stabbing, aching pains, or pain with intercourse

Untitled Untitled 2

These pains are often due to pelvic muscle spasm. If you have a mix of pains, this is often the most severe pain. It’s best assessed by an expert pelvic muscle physiotherapist but these can be hard to find. The Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia has a map under ‘Find Help’ with the location of physios with this particular interest. A great start is the pelvic muscle relaxation audio prepared by Dr Patricia Neumann (physiotherapist).

There is one for women and one for men.

You can instantly download the Pelvic Muscle Relaxation Audio at the Pelvic Pain Foundation of Australia online shop$22). Dr Neumann will talk you through learning how to release tension in pelvic muscles. There is a long version to learn the technique and a short version you can use every day to reduce your pain.


Enroll in an online course in pain management education, anxiety or depression

One such course is ‘The Pain Course’ provided free of charge by Macquarie University. It teaches the knowledge you need about Chronic Pain and the practical skills for pain management and emotional wellbeing. This course is highly recommended. It takes work and commitment, but teaches invaluable skills. Anyone with an internet connection can be involved.


The Pain Course runs over 5 weeks and includes:

  • 5 online lessons to provide information and teach pain management techniques.
  • Homework assignments to help you practice those techniques.
  • Weekly email or phone contact with a clinician.
  • Lots of additional resources.



If you do need a laparoscopy

If you have private medical cover:

Remember that not all gynaecologists offer excisional surgery for endometriosis. If you are going to go to the expense, inconvenience and risk of a laparoscopy, it is important to make sure your gynecologist can provide what you need. You need expert surgery, AND, someone who thinks about pain carefully and will do more than just your operation.

The map of PPFA subscribers on the PPFA website under ‘Find Help’ is a good start. A good surgeon will not need to frequent surgery on the same person, and will manage more than just endometriosis lesions. Make sure you read the section on Laparoscopy in the book ‘Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain’ before considering laparoscopy. You’ll be much better able to understand what your gynecologist is offering.

If you don’t have private medical cover:

Look for the public hospital near you that has a good reputation for laparoscopic surgery for gynaecological conditions. With so many different medical conditions to care for, it is common for hospitals to develop particular areas of expertise and always remember that not all pain needs surgery. The book Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain book explains which types of pain respond well to surgery and which types might be best treated in other ways. It also has a chapter on how to prepare for a laparoscopy.

You can order your copy at:


If you have a long term pain condition of any kind

The Protectometer Workbook available from the Pelvic Pain Foundation costs $40 plus GST, but provides a great teaching tool for those with pain. It explains how we feel pain and helps you investigate the things that are aggravating your personal pain, and the things that improve your pain.