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Telehealth is a new program run by the Australian Government that provides video consultations with city specialists for patients from rural or remote areas.

To be eligible for a telehealth consultation, you must:

– live outside a capital city, and,

– have a local GP who offers Telehealth services

Medicare covers most, but not all, of the cost of the consultation.


Our practice at Norwood now offers Telehealth consultations with Dr Susan Evans, Dr Jane Woolcock, Dr Meredith Craigie.

To have a Telehealth consultation, you should:

1. Check that you are in a telehealth area. The map on this page and the weblink will show you which areas of Australia are eligible for Telehealth.

2. Check that your GP offers Telehealth Services.

3. Call our rooms at (08) 8363 2811

4. Allow us to arrange a time for your appointment, confirm it with your hosting practice and inform you when the consultation will be. You will need to go to your GPs office for the Telehealth consultation. The consultation will take place in a room with a web camera and a nurse to be with you during the consultation. If medications are recommended, the script can be faxed or posted to you.


We can also offer video consultations with patients from capital cities, but Medicare does not cover any of the cost of the consultation, so it is more expensive for you.

# Unfortunately, Those living in the Red areas are not eligible for Telehealth consults.







Telehealth Eligible Areas (from 1 January 2013)